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What's the difference between Cat A and Cat B fit out?

Read more to find out the differences between both categories.  


 What is the difference between CAT A and B fit out?

 Every industry has its own technical jargon, making it difficult for people to understand the differences between CAT A and CAT B fit-outs. Read more to find out the differences between the categories.



 CAT A is a basic fit-out of commercial space, usually carried out by the landlord to create an “empty shell” to attract prospective tenants. This space would typically provide lighting, heating, fire alarm, basic power, and floor finishes. 

Our CAT A fit-out includes:

  • Installing basic electrics, data and lighting
  • Floor and ceiling work: this could include raising the flooring for access or suspended ceilings
  • Basic decoration (plaster and finish walls)
  • Carpentry
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Fire facilities
  • Kitchen, tea points and washrooms.



CAT B fit-out is carried out by the tenants who are looking to transform their CAT A “blank canvas” into their new commercial space that inspires their staff and promotes their company’s branding and culture. 

Our CAT B fit-out includes:

  • Space planning and an interior design scheme proposal
  • Alterations/additional kitchen and tea point installations
  • Finish alterations, such as wall colours and carpets
  • Office furniture and partitioning
  • Interior accessories, feature lighting, signage and branding
  • IT and data installation/modifications


As part of our interior fit-out services, we can work with both landlords and tenants to create a comfortable space ready for occupation. We have extensive knowledge in both CAT A and CAT B fit-outs, and we also carry out dilapidations for tenants who are required to return their spaces back to their original condition.  

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