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Sustainable Office Furniture


Sustainable Office

As more of our clients’ place sustainability at the centre of their organisations’ strategy, we can offer work-place solutions to help meet environmental management objectives.

We can provide office furniture, fit-out and work-place installation products that have been carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers, fulfilling a variety of environmental considerations for all budgets that suit your specific office requirements and business aspirations.

Sustainable supply chain

We can supply office furniture, flooring, lighting, acoustic panels, soft furnishings, plants, live walls, cooling / heating systems from suppliers who have worked to close their supply chain loops, actively incorporate sustainability into their business models and hold BS EN ISO14001:2015 or similar accreditation.

These products include a high proportion of recycled or recyclable materials.

These products are easier to re-use or repurpose at the end of their primary product life.

We can supply refurbished furniture that is upcycled, reducing resource use.

These products have been made in UK-based factories using the latest power saving technologies.

These products’ life cycle carbon footprints have been calculated and reduced where possible, utilising new techniques, alternate materials and packaging.

Many of our suppliers support local non-profit agencies and charities, helping to enhance social equality whilst creating economic opportunities for their businesses and employees.